Other Requirements

There are a number of other requirements that will or may be requested of applicants for certification.


Transcripts are documents from education agencies that list course names, course numbers, marks and credits. All applicants for certification are required to submit transcripts for their courses after submitting their online application through TRC. Provincial associations will accept:

  • original transcripts sent by mail to their office, or
  • certified copies sent by mail and stamped by a professional such as an AScT, CTech, P.Eng. or notary public as proof that the person stamping them has seen the originals, or
  • copies initialled by a provincial association staff member who has seen the originals and the copies.

Uncertified copies received by mail or email are not acceptable.

Criminal Offenses and Disciplinary Action

All applicants for certification are required to declare on their online application form if they have ever been:

  • charged with a criminal offense, or
  • subject to disciplinary action while a member or licensee of a professional society or association.

Applicants answering 'Yes' to either question must provide details in a sealed letter marked 'Confidential' and mailed 'To the attention of the Registrar' for the provincial association to which they are applying.

Failure to declare a criminal offense or disciplinary action that is later identified by the professional association will result in the halting of the application and most likely denial of certification.

Further, any association member who is found to have achieved certification through fraudulent means will be at risk of having their membership cancelled.

Technology Reports

Applicants may be required to submit a technology report after applying for certification. The need for this requirement will depend on the type of certification being applied for and the specific requirements of the association to which they are applying.

A Technology Report is the product of a structured investigation, a project planning or proposal document, or other documentation that provides evidence of your technical writing and presentation skills. The broad requirements are defined in the Generals (Technologist level).

Applicants will be notified if a Technology Report is required and what its structure should be after their application has been reviewed by the association to which they have applied.


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